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Oak Grove is a local southern gospel band that also covers many  popular songs ranging from today's country to classic rock. The band originally started playing in retirement homes 15 years ago and has since moved to playing local events in Beaverdam. The band consists of local Beaverdam resident Greg Cabe on rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Hillary (Cabe) Baldwin, another Beaverdam local, on the fiddle and singing lead and harmony, Jay Wyatt on bass, and Brian Kilmer on drums. All of the band members have been playing for more than 20 years and still enjoy sharing the gift of music with others. The band is pleased to partner with Bradley Wilson Music for this event, as well. Bradley Cabe is a Beaverdam native who not only covers country songs, but writes his own music. He will be joining Oak Grove on lead guitar and vocals and sharing with the community some of his original compositions.

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